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School Board Elections

We have several CITY school board elections coming up on May 9, but the filing date is Feb 22 - Mar 1 (1 week only!


2023 School Board Elections:


Decatur - Zone 1 (unexpired), Zone 5

Gentry - Zone 2 (unexpired), Zone 4, At large position 7

Gravette - Zone 5 (unexpired), at large position 2

Pea Ridge - Zone 1

Rogers - Zone 2

Siloam Springs - Zone 3


**unexpired means the current board member left position early, so you would serve the remainder of their term

**at large means ANYONE within that school district can run, not zone restricted


Voter View Link:

**See what school zone you live in


Benton County Gov Link:

**2023 School Board Candidate Listing: shows list of current school board elections for May 9th vote

**Filing information for 2023 School Board: shows all information you need to file with Benton County. You will need 20 signatures, but if you email me (Elizabeth) I can help. My email

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