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Legislative Watch

SB 590 (Act 1002)

This bill became law on 4/28/21 and effectively ended all forms of government mask mandates within the state of Arkansas.  The chair for democratic party of Arkansas has expressed his disain for this legislation and has called upon elected officials to re-impose mask mandates state-wide.

SB 615 (Act 1030)

This bill became law on 7/29/21 and prohibits state government, elected officials, and political subdivisions from imposing any form of "vaccine passports" that would in any way, impede entry, travel, education, and services.

SB 24 (Act 250)

This bill will became law on 7/29/21 and removes the "duty to retreat" clause previously associated with the use of deadly force.

H.R. 1

"For the People Act" is an unconstitutional power grab attempt led by Democrats to federalize elections.  This bill would strip state legislatures of their authority under Article 1, Section 4, Clause 1 to establish times, places, and manner in which elections are held.  This bill advocates for "mail-in-ballots" and extending ballot collections and counting to 10 days after any federal election.  This bill also allows minors, as young as 16, to register to vote.  This legislation will serve as a gateway to rampant election fraud and undermine the integrity of our elections

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