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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Republican Party of Benton County?

  1. Register to vote in Benton County, AR.

  2. Attend an RPBC committee meeting, held the 2nd Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m.​, New Hope Assembly of God, 2626 W New Hope Road, Rogers.

  3. At the meeting, do ALL of these things: 

    • Pay the $40 fee for your 2022-24 committee membership. 

    • Complete a MEMBER PROFILE form.

    • Ask to be nominated for membership.

  4. Attend the next RPBC meeting to be confirmed as a member.


All Republican registered voters are welcome to join the RPBC. We will be pleased to get to know you and we'll put you to work keeping Benton County and Arkansas RED!

If you want to join RPBC, we recommend that you start coming to events and getting involved right away. Check our calendar for meeting dates and other events.   

Why should I join the Republican Party of Benton County?

The only way to join the Republican Party of AR is at the county level. Membership provides a path of action for you and a way to victory for our candidates. It's at the county level where your voice can best be heard and you can make a difference! Membership benefits:

  • Find your tribe and build relationships.

  • Vote in county committee elections.

  • Develop your political knowledge.

  • Influence elected officials and policy.

  • Commit to a cause that is larger than yourself.

I joined the Republican Women / Young Republicans. Is that the same as joining RPBC?

No.  They're completely separate (but friendly) entities.

I'm a registered Republican voter. Does that make me a member of RPBC?

No.  But good job, because the first step to join RPBC is being a registered voter in Benton County, AR. 

What are the origins of the Republican Party?

  • Following the Kansas-Nebraska act of 1854 (which violated the Missouri Compromise of 1820), members of the Whig Party held the first meeting of what would become The Republican Party in Ripon, WI. On July 6th, 1854, the first Republican Convention was held and an estimated 10,000 people attended. The first nominating convention was held in Philadelphia in June 1856.

Why does the Republican Party oppose a large government?

  • "The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground." - Thomas Jefferson (1788)

  • "You can't be for big government, big taxes and big bureaucracy and still be for the little guy." -  Ronald Reagan

One of our principles is that "People are the ultimate resource, ... not the government..." This concept can easily be tied back to our nation's founding. The American Revolution was not only about the establishment of our own independence but it was the complete rejection that one government, specifically one person, should be able to rule over all in complete ignorance that we have God-given rights.

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