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What's at stake this election?

  • Your cost of living, due to inflation reaching a new 40yr high

  • Your job security from "woke" companies that will flush you out over a vaccine mandate, and the recent adoption of "ESG - Environmental Social Justice" where applicates are selected based on their race, gender, or lifestyle ideology instead of their work history and education.

  • Your purchasing power, under President Trump Corporate Tax rates were reduced from 35% to 21%, President Biden and the Democrats increased these rates to 28% in "Inflation Reduction Act"; higher corporate taxes means increased prices for the same consumer goods

  • Arkansas Government Spending, current Democrat State Representatives and Senators have consistently called for increased government spending in-light of the recent $980 million surplus.  They have advocated for blatant multi-thousand dollar raises for public employees without merit considerations.  If enacted, these policies would leave our State Government burdened with the obligation of paying for salary increases and higher bonuses regardless of state funding.  Additionally, this practice in state governments leads to the lowest performing employees being rewarded just as much as the highest performing employees.  Candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders has made it a campaign goal to implement "pay-for-performance" in State Agencies.

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